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Patient-Specific cells: Beta Cells, Dopaminergic neuron, Hepatocytes

Clonexpress has developed a novel technology platform to obtain patient-specific
differentiated cell types from human primary fibroblasts and peripheral blood
mononuclear cells (PBMNC) by epigenetic induction. PBMNC and fibroblasts are
directly converted to a homogeneous population of a specific cell type, such as
hepatocytes, pancreatic beta cells, dopaminergic neurons etc.  

Cell Lines available for evaluation and licencing:

Human fetal and adult pancreatic beta cell   
Human dopaminergic neuron
Human neuronal progenitor cell
Human astrocytes
Human aotic endothelial cell
Additional cell lines are under different stages of development.
Clonexpress also provides human CNS primary cells and other primary cell
types for
in vitro research.
Astrocytes   HAST     
Dopaminergic neuron cells   DAN Cells  
Microglial cells   HMG
Neuronal progenitor cells   HNPC
Hepatocytes - Special Introductory offer
Pancreatic beta cells - Special Introductory offer
Urinary squamous epithelial cells
     Other cell types: Human bone marrow stromal cells, aortic endothelialells,          aortic smooth muscle cells, microvascular endothelial cells, skeletal muscle smooth
Reprogrammed cell types::: Dopaminergic neuron and neuronal progenitor         
cells derived from adult human fibroblasts

                                             Innovations in Cell Based Therapy and Drug Discovery