Alleviate Human Suffering from Various Debilitating Diseases - Cell based
therapy and novel drug discovery platform for cancer and metastasis

Founder: Thiru V. Gopal, Ph.D.

Clonexpress has been providing human primary cells for in vitro research to academic and
pharmaceutical companies. Clonexpress has developed a novel technology platform to
generate patient-specific differentiated cell types, such as pancreatic beta cell, dopaminergic
neurons, neuronal progenitor cells, astrocytes, hepatocytes, etc., directly from patient's
fibroblast and/or PBMNC. This technology is covered by two issued patent (US 9,029,141 and
9,394,525) and two pending patents.

New Findings in Cancer:
1. A common growth control mechanism in many types of cancer. Unified Concept of Cancer
2. Metastasis - A new paradigm - Epigenometastasis

Clonexpress has shown that introduction of only the cytoplasmic content (non-DNA) of several
tumor cell lines into non dividing human primary cells, such as hepatocytes, pancreatic beta
cells, dopaminergic neuron cells, etc., results in permanent activation of growth of these cell
types. Clonexpress has identified three targets that are important for activation of growth. This
finding has implication to develop new class of drugs to prevent cancer and metastasis.  
Provisional patent application filed.

New Service for Cancer Research: Use of proprietary technology.
Expansion of cancer cells along with tumor microenvironment (TME) cells from
tumor specimens (fresh or viable frozen) provided by researchers. Guaranteed
fast turnaround time (4-6 weeks).  
Submit enquiries for more details. Needed
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Partnership Opportunities in Cancer area: Opportunities for discovery of new
targets to cure cancer and metastasis, new cancer marker develpment -
Clonexpress is actively seeking pharma partnership in these areas.

Clonexpress is also actively seeking partners to utilize its various technologies for cell
therapy,  drug development, drug metabolism, and toxicology applications.
                      Innovations in Cell Based Therapy and Drug Discovery