Clonexpress provides the following cell systems service for drug discovery,
drug metabolism, cellular toxicology, and cell therapy applications. The
following cell systems are developed using fibroblasts/PBMNC provided by the
client and will be governed by site and user specific licensing and
confidentiality agreements.

Patient-specific beta cell   Beta cell system
Patient-specific dopaminergic neuron   Dopaminergic neuron cell system
Alzheimer and neurological disorder patient-specific neurons Alzheimer patient-
specific neurons
Patient-specific hepatocytes
Patient-specific astrocytes

Development of disease-specific cell lines:

Clonexpress provides disease-specific cell line development service using primary cells provided by client. Proprietary technology to develop cell lines of
almost any cell type. Involves confidentiality agreement, MTA and other
agreements. Fast turnaround time (3-4 weeks).
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information request
Please contact Clonexpress to obtain further information about licensing various cell systems.
                                 Innovations in Cell Based Therapy and Drug Discovery